Approach: Mind/Body/Emotions/Energies

Everyone has a different entry point for change. For some, a change in their body leads to a change in their mind, and emotions. For others, working directly with their thoughts, creates change in how we feel and how we move. Other people need to remove blockages in their energetic body to create transformation. While others work best when we blend our approach, working with a combination of mind, body, emotions and energies. The therapy style will differ for each person I work with, as your own unique needs, worldview, energies and mechanisms of change help us determine the most effective path. However, an overarching goal is to provide an environment that is created to focus entirely on you and your personal development, in a relationship that is compassionate, empathetic and genuine.

My therapeutic approach is based on the belief that each person is inherently equipped with the wisdom of health and healing and that that healing can be found in the present moment. My role is to be an ally in your evolution and in your goal to seek new and better ways of experiencing the world.

To facilitate this healing, your work can range from a strictly Western psychotherapy approach (for more see the Why Psychotherapy page) to a more holistic framework, informed by Ayurveda, Yoga, energetic healing modalities,  Eastern Meditation traditions, and other natural healing approaches. With a growing understanding of your goals and needs, we continue to expand and refine the tools we use for your development. What we eat, how we move, and our environment, are often significant in understanding how we think and feel. We can consider a diet uniquely suited to you, exercises, yoga routines, meditations, and supporting elements such as aromas and herbs - that will facilitate the movement of energy towards gentle healing and expanded awareness. Throughout the process we will develop a relationship that will allow for greater exploration of self, unlocking patterns, and exploring new ways to live, love and learn.


For the many that are experiencing Kundalini awakening, I will attempt to assist you through this exciting but often very confusing physical, psychological, and emotional process, to create a greater sense of grounding and connection.

This is an LGBTT positive space and a place to understand and navigate through some of the systemic challenges and power imbalances confronted on a daily basis.