The principle of Ayurveda is to restore balance of body, mind and emotions by reawakening your own source of biological intelligence.   It is in our relationship with our environment, through touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste, that we can navigate and negotiate our way towards a balanced state of being.

         The body and the mind being two sides of the same coin, Ayurveda acknowledges that our memories, fears, anxieties and traumas reside in the physical and energetic body as much as they do in the mind; that they both receive and integrate emotional experience, and must be considered when attempting to achieve a state of balance.

         Mental and emotional suffering indicates a state of imbalance and a disconnection from our internal intelligence.   When we achieve balance through practices that awaken self-understanding and self-awareness, the mind relaxes and is less driven to intense emotional extremes. The goal is restoration and maintenance of metabolic equilibrium and reawakening the organizing principles of health within you. A state of balance is unique to each individual, and therefore diet, lifestyle and environment have a significant but a constitutionally specific impact upon body and mind as well as those deeper more subtle parts of ourselves. All of these elements need to be considered in developing a comprehensive intervention that supports sustainable change.