I have been working in social services for almost 20 years, where I began my career counselling women survivors of sexual assault in Ottawa. I have worked with the public in many capacities, including counsellor, instructor, facilitator, health promoter, community developer, advocate and researcher.

I am a graduate from OISE, University of Toronto with a Master of Education in Counselling Psychology and am a Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario. In addition, I have a Master of Arts in International Development from St. Mary’s University in Halifax, where I specialized in women’s reproductive health and international reproductive rights. I have worked in both Canada and abroad, and all of my work has revolved around issues of health and health services for people all over the world. I have worked in Latin America, including rural communities in Panama and large hospitals in Argentina. One of my greatest pleasures was working in a women’s emergency shelter in Toronto.

I am a graduate of the Centre for Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing (CAISH) where I became certified as an Ayurvedic Counsellor. In addition, I studied Women’s Herbal Remedies at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, as well as Ayurvedic Psychotherapy at Renaissance Yoga and Ayurveda in Toronto. I adore the philosophy of Ayurveda and decided to unite its ancient wisdom with more mainstream psychotherapies as a way of providing a more holistic and complete approach to mental health. I am also a Registered Yoga instructor (RYT-200) and like to include yoga as part of of a healing plan for many of my clients.

I am registered with the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners (RLMP) and a Licensed Holistic Therapist with the City of Toronto.  I am trained in Trauma therapy, including PTSD, acute trauma, chronic trauma, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and adult survivors of childhood abuse.
In my non-professional life my favourite past times are hiking/walking, reading, painting, gardening, and my most recent addition is drawing. I am originally from out West, Alberta and B.C., and so of course I love the ocean.