Why Psychotherapy?

We all evolve, whether we work at it or not.  Evolving as a human being is often painful and lonely.  Psychotherapy provides you an ally whose only goal is to assist you in this evolution; speed it up,  smooth out the bumpiest roads, encourage you through difficult parts.  

At those times when we choose to tend to our evolution, personal growth and change are facilitated through a compassionate and honest relationship with oneself. Psychotherapy can cultivate this compassion through the healing power of relationship and by providing a place to find and speak your truth. It is the opportunity to explore yourself with another person honestly, openly and without judgment.

Psychotherapy can be used to assist with many challenges or goals in life. Life can be scary, complicated, infuriating, and we may need a little assistance in strengthening and improving how we see, feel, and be in our lives. You may want assistance in working through anxiety, acute or chronic trauma, anger, grief, depressive moods, or stress. We can explore the development of some interpersonal skills, or discover ways to further expand your emotional, mental, and spiritual development in fulfillment of your potential. It can provide a place to gain strength or make sense of the many challenges and struggles we often face. With Ayurveda and Yoga, we can utilize ancient methods of discovering balance, self-compassion, and greater awareness of our body-mind-energy and our psycho-emotional connection to the universe.

Whatever your goals, your psychotherapist is there to assist you in coping with or resolving the painful mental and emotional challenges we all confront at some time in our lives.